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MEGAHURTZ 25th Anniversary Edition Autographed by Joe


Image of MEGAHURTZ 25th Anniversary Edition Autographed by Joe

MEGAHURTZ was created by me and David Chlystek, and published by Image Comics in 1997. We're celebrating with this 25th Anniversary Edition, 36 pages with a foil cover, printed in color for the first time ever!

The story takes place in a world where corporate oligarchs are finally at open war with each other to determine who will rule the Earth, and humanity be damned!

Virtual Reality mogul and darling of the people ADRIAN ADONIS has become a genuine threat to the N-Corporation, so the N-Corp literally seeks to ELIMINATE the competition!

They create a living weapon: MEGAHURTZ, a grotesquely constructed monstrosity of muscle grafts and cybernetic implants, whose gun is literally a part of its body. MEGAHURTZ’s mission becomes an odyssey to discover its own true origins and ultimately, its humanity.

Your copy will be signed by Joe! Delivery by August 2022